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SEOUL: Anthracite Coffee Roasters no.2

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

37.5665° N, 126.9780° E

somewhere in Hapjeong, SEOUL

"What is the most H Ú M A N one can do with an

A B A N D O N E D shoe factory?" 

The cold concrete has never felt so comforting and the secret shadows so satisfying. 

in the most • minimalist • manners

It is a space where the darkest B L A C K S  collide w the brightest W H I T E S.

concrete • contrasts • collide

Natural light makes it all feel like a part of  nature essential to our existence.

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." S P A C E It might be a collision of contrasts but this is exactly what comforts. Can you feel it?

C O F F E E  for me buttery blonde • but • deep dark they do too  in a silky softness of  whole milk the taste of L A T T É  melts in my mouth.

Balance of dualities does M A T T E R

and so does H Ú M A N I T Y.

What can one do with a space to breathe in new life

and at the same time  connect w everyone's lives? A N T H R A C I T E just did it.

"I just love discovering what is it about those precious places and why I fall in love"

That's why.

"This is my A N T H O L O G Y O F A E S T H E T I C S or journals of good taste. I feel I have to have something like this to come back to.

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