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SEOUL: Anthracite Coffee Roasters no.1

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

37.5665° N, 126.9780° E

somewhere in Seogyo, SEOUL

There is something about the anthracite S T O N E and the S O U N D of A • N • T • H being used in the same word."

I am thinking: "What about this space is it - that makes me fall in love?"

It is the cold touch of the contemporary • compact • content • coal  = A N T H R A C I T E  that is somehow, comforting.

It is brewing / making a coffee a thick sound of serenity. 

sophisticated • still • serene • subtly •  sublime

yet strong.

It is the S A C R E D stone.

Inside = outside 

and outside = inside.

The dualities of life within. 

"Sun don't shine in the shade"  - Kanye said in Waves

"But gold does."  - I say

Hear only footsteps to the cakes - 

and casually continuing outside

into the day.

"I just love discovering what is it about those precious places and why I fall in love"

That's why.

"This is my A N T H O L O G Y O F A E S T H E T I C S or journals of good taste. I feel I have to have something like this to come back to.

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