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TOKYO: Bridge Coffee

Updated: Jan 28

35.6762° N, 139.6503° E

somewhere in Chiyoda, TOKYO

On a cloudy + misty day, maybe Thursday, I chose a café in Chiyoda

where I met with my friend Takako.

We decided this is a "place to stay" .

But so did she

just as I was marvelling at the beautiful • B L A C K • bricks

she sat down.

Takako ordered and the next very second

they were already talking.

"You are beautiful," she said.

Luring • into • laughter

Conversation continues with smiles and sounds of Japanese but the only thing

I can understand is that we all three have beanies

and might be W A R M souls in the C O L D Tokyo.

We bow politely when she leaves

But not • just • yet. Have to make M E M O R I E S.

Seduced by • shadows •

• songs •

S H A Z A M please • pick up

thanks, appreciated.

Americano ft. battery at 9 %

Apocalypse by the Cigarettes After Sex ft. tobacco vanilla by Tom Ford

Beige ft. blacks on the streets of Tokyo

somewhere in Chiyoda

until next time.

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